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10 August 2015

some happy things.

this has been a pretty good - and busy, week. busy isn't always good, because it leaves me penniless, but i'd sooner rather be tired of life than bored of life, yaknowwhaddimean? i was battling a bit of a head cold toward the start of the week so was determined to have a quieter week... even the best laid plans, eh? here are few highlights from my week:

super food: i was pleased as punch when a couple of samples from savse's new range with health guru madeleine shaw turned up at work. with new flavours to rival the original range, i was looking forward to the help in overcoming the cold; with the bonus protein and healthy nutrients, i started the week with the protein punch (coconut, pineapple, lime, vanilla, maca, whey protein) which was already a fave - it's essentially pina colada with health benefits (and no booze)! the raspberry beets (beetroot, raspberry, apple, ginger, lemon and cacao) was a close second - even though it smelt like freshly cut grass on first contact, and the sea green (melon, seaweed, apple, fennel, cucumber, lime and mint) was not a very pleasant experience for my taste buds at all. "bleurghk" comes to mind.

unusual invitations: or, 'usual invitations' if you know the invitee like i do. occasionally i get invited to swanky wine tasting events, and they're always good fun. this time it happened in a newly opened driving range near the o2 arena, overlooking canary wharf. i don't know the first thing about golf, but i know i do like wine, and trying new things, so naturally i went. more on this in the week. needless to say, it was an experience!

trending: on wednesday my mother sent me a picture of her (above) with the caption "on wednesdays we wear pink... apparently!" which absolutely made my day and dear old shelagh had her photo bandied around work shamelessly in an attempt to prove that after ten years, people are finally paying attention. so fetch. also, a piece i wrote about visiting london for the world cup later in the year was featured on travelodge's blog, and that was pretty cool too! #fame

healthy joints and happy bellies: i had my first physio appointment on thursday morning, to which i was forced to walk to thanks to busy buses and a tube strike. no matter, exercise and that. the physio was pleased with the improvement to my finger since the last time she saw me, and has given me more exercises to get it back to normal. to reward myself, i indulged in pink doughnuts, because why wouldn't you.

musical theatre: despite the strike, i made my way into southwark on thursday night to meet up with katy and the charlies for dinner, before heading to the union theatre to watch katie sing her lungs out in the last week of the spitfire grill's run in london. the show was amazing; i had no idea what to expect, as had never heard of the show before, but whatever, you support your friends. and the show was everything you want from fringe theatre; great casting, a compelling plot, and comfy seats. i would highly recommend seeing it before it closes this weekend. buy tickets here. casual shout out to one of the cast who'd broken her foot on-stage on tuesday, and performed her entire part on crutches (and also to the m&s 2 for £2 desserts i nabbed on the way home). the show must go on!

leaving me, leaving you: ok so hardly a happy point, but one of my good friends from work finished up on friday and it was both happy and sad. happy because there were cakes, and a pizza lunch, and half priced cocktails, and a giant red panda kigu, but obvs sad also because, well, she's leaving. well, left, officially. and i will miss her terribly but wish her all the best in her new job. and maybe she will buy me snacks and bring me plastic cutlery now that she can finally afford it. love you lu-lu.

friends with benefits: not those kinds of benefits, you weirdo. the kind of benefits that allow you access to sample sales with adorable bags and such other wonderful things. even better if said friend will deliver said bag to your workplace, full of diet cokes. big love for charles right now. almost as much love as i have for the bag. almost.

lazy saturdays: well, a lazy start, and then a ball ache of an afternoon. my flatmate was flapping about early on which left me hiding in bed until the coast was clear for two-ingredient pancakes, coffee, and a spot of reading in the sun. then a stroll in the sunshine to pick up some hair-stripper, then an afternoon of pointless hair stripping. woe! i rounded the day out with vegetarian no-cheese chilli and a great mini-series on netflix called 'run' - highly recommend!

personal admin days: despite sleeping through my alarm and struggling to talk my mum because of dodgy internet connections, i headed out nice and early to try to fix the hair problem from saturday - to no avail. i ended up licking my wounds over fresh fruit smoothies, bargain flowers, and a delicious views of london from one tree hill in south london. not a bad view really, is it?

that's not a bad week, even if i do say so myself. how was yours?

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