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17 September 2015

beers, babes, and burritos

burrito chain tortilla brought the beach to central london last thursday, with an end of summer party to rival any other. all in the name of "helping a londoner out", we were invited down to the branch just behind oxford street after work to help the guys from the brand out by drinking as many coronas as humanly possible, so they could then make lights for the new stores due to open around the country this year.

the official invite read: "we need you to drink beers to help us make our chandeliers!" and i had no idea that each store's corona chandeliers were all hand-made, did you? i was honoured, and very excited to "be involved" with the sourcing of new parts for their new stores... it felt like it was my duty to help them... you know?

the gals and i made it there for around 7pm, and rolled our shirt sleeves and dug in, helping the restaurant get through more than 300 bottles in the almost-four hours we sat inside the burritory. is that a word? it should be. say it out loud: burr-ito-ry. burritory. rolls off the tongue. and it wasn't just coronas either - although there were a lotttttt of them consumed by us. i think at final count we were on about seven or eight bottles ~each, as well as some deliccccious margaritas that the bartender/burrito man brought us when he soon realised we ~weren't leaving any time soon.

the bottles we helped drink that night will be used to make the grand chandeliers in the new restaurants in the chain's ongoing expansion; up first was the first branch in the chain for wales, which opened just yesterday on caroline street. so, if you're a cardiff local, get yo' ass down to sample them burritos and check out my handiwork in their new chandelier! 

(see if you can spot the ones with pink lippy stains on them!)

clockwise from left: charley, vicky, charlie, katie, meeee, katy, ashleigh

the gals and i sat and drank, ate yummy burritos, and yacked well into the night, all in the name of civic duty. it's amazing what some special time with some of your favourites can do for your emotional state, as after leaving those broads that night, i could not wipe the grin from my stupid face. we're not an emotional bunch, but we do have each others backs. those ladies know how to take the crap and make it right, and if an excuse like "getting drunk for free" is the answer i need to get to see them all at the same time more often, then i really need to start making more boozy connections.

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