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30 March 2016

wishlist | oliver bonas is where the heart is

i haz news! from the start of may, i will be in a brand new room, in a brand new (to me) flat, in a gorgeous old building, in a really pretty part of london, with one of my closest friends. yup - i'm moving out! i've been in my current room, lodging with my flatmate/landlady for two whole years, with all of my ~stuff from my previous life stored away, never to be thought of again... except for now! i really can't wait; the new flat is a victorian conversion with high ceilings, and fireplaces (closed, i hope) in every room, and a big kitchen and an even bigger lounge area, a new bathroom, and - best of all - a flippen garden! you're all invited for bbqs in the summer, for real!

the only downside is, well, the decorating. my new room is 'neutrally decorated' with a fawn coloured wall, white ceilings, with pine and brass furniture. i mean, it's far from ideal, but it could be worse, right? the other room is pastel blue, and i was so not keen on ~that, so i am happy with the compromise. maybe the landlord will let me paint it, but - who am i kidding? i'm not going to paint it! instead, i am desperately trying to think of how i can take advantage of the morning sun to make the room bright enough to photograph outfits in, and how i can incorporate new pieces of furniture and decoration in, without it looking like a jumble sale.

and, even though it's desperately out of my price range, i somehow (i actually was buying gifts for someone else) ended up checking out oliver bonas' bedroom range, and instantly falling in love with it all. things that i'll need because the room doesn't have them: a chair for all my junk, a shoe rack for all my junk, a (couple of) bedside table for all my junk. then i saw the suitcase table and recognised it from the rainbow palace at christmas! theirs is a different colour, but i obviously prefer this one because: pink. i really luuuuuuhve the coffee table/shoe rack, because of the many heights of shoes i'll be able to store in and around it, and the multi-purpose bedside table is all kinds of perfect because of the many kinds of access to it. and all the colours! i think the only way to get the most out of the brown walls is to relieve them with pops of pastels, so as to not overpower the room and make it seem to heavy with colour. default pastels, you could say. kind of ok by me.

omg i can't wait to move in and take some "before" snaps for my inevitable "room tour" spam that will be coming over the next few months. ps. this post isn't sponsored or anything, i genuinely just fell in love with all those pieces, and i am properly excited to move! it'll be quiet around here over the next few weeks while i save money for the move, pack my life away, then move into a flat with no internet. if you don't hear from me here, you know where else to find me though!

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