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25 March 2016

style | flower girl

i was sick over the weekend, in case you didn't notice me moan about it too much on the internet. well, i was. i was supposed to go out on saturday, and sunday, and instead i did nothing. well, that's a lie. i cleared out my wardrobe on saturday, rediscovering clothes i'd forgotten i had (classic erica), then took a load of *stuff* to the charity shop to purge my wardrobe - not to make room for new clothes, nooooooo, but to make the inevitable move much easier. i remember moving into this flat with like 20 boxes. i do not want a repeat of that. 

top c/o apricot | bag + boots : primark | dress : urban outfitters

so, i rediscovered this dress that i bought yeeeears ago when i was in edinburgh for the first time. i picked it up at urban outfitters for a ~tenner. i'm not even kidding, i don't know how or why or what the circumstances were, but that's how much it cost. it's now farrrrrr too big for me, but with the adjustable straps and the elasticated waistband, i guess i can still get away with it. it kind of bunches above the belt, almost like i should have some extra buxom bosoms to fill out the top part of the dress, but as that's not the case, i dunno... it'll do. 

the ribbed polo from apricot underneath fills it out a bit too, which helps. and keeps me warm, because even though it's now spring, it's still bloody cold. it's a tad too small, and that'll teach me for thinking i can fit into sizes that i now know i definitely cannot. the top is super cute though, and even though i'll never be able to wear it not tucked in or worn underneath something, i reckon it'll be a spring essential now. i might grab some other colours too - in the right size of course.

i was recently sent some new hair dyes to try from just my look. it's a site i'd known of for getting beauty bits for a good price, but didn't know they did hair bits too, so was excited to try revlon's nutri color creme fondant range of colours. i picked up the orange and the pink, and so decided to get to experimenting on sunday while i was feeling poorly. i chickened out a bit though; i did plan to give the orange a try. at the last minute i decided to stick to pink, so mixed up some of the pink fondant with my purple conditioner to make the colour less vibrant, and because the conditioner i use is purple, it's hard to tell what the colour will be.

well, i applied it and let it cook for about an hour, and when i washed it out, i was gutted to realise it had done quite literally nothing. so, i guess i didn't use enough of the fondant colour. frustrated, but with nothing better to do i tried it again. this time i used my bleach london rosé colour as the base instead of the conditioner, then added the fondant colouring until i liked the shade it created. this is pointless, really, as it never actually comes out that colour, but it's the best marker you have. again, i left it on for about an hour, then washed it out to reveal a colour similar to what it was two washes ago.

now, i dunno. i used more of the fondant than the first time, but i get the impression these color cremes are more like toners than semi-perm colour - despite claiming to be, so maybe i need to whack it on solo and leave the mixing out of it. there's not a great deal of instruction on the box and no leaflet within, so they're a bit unlike any traditional colours i've used. once this colour has washed out a bit, i will bite the bullet and try the pink fondant without any other mix, and hope for the best. now that my roots are quite long, i'm keen to top the pink up darker - not brighter, so it's less obvious as the pastel makes my crown like a greasy mess!

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