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2 March 2016

wishlist | me + mum + apricot

me: top | skirt | shoes | necklace | coat | backpack // mum: necklace | jumper | bag | dress | shoes

it's mother's day in the uk this weekend, don'tcha know. thankfully i don't have to worry about that until may (it's not until then in australia), but seeing as all the marketing is happening now over here, i may as well take advantage of it and pick up a mother's day card while i can, eh. i should probably also consider buying a gift too, but... mums be hard to by for, am i right? 

i tend to go the whole "i owe you theatre tickets/dinner/a new pair of shoes" coupon for the next time we see each other (every few years, ha) in a card and hope that will suffice, because as if she's not hard enough to buy for, she's also on the other side of the world. no matter how fresh those flowers are, they're not going to make it there in one piece *wink*.

so colour me impressed as i was window shopping the apricot site last week for treats for ~me, and i couldn't help but find myself thinking "mum would like that" and "that would suit mum"...a lot. this was in between adding things of my own to an imaginary basket i'll likely never checkout, of course. there aren't too many stores that i can think of that would suit both me ~and my mum's taste (other than clarks, her absolute favourite and my new 'sensible shoe' retailer of choice), but apricot sure do have a pretty varied selection in there at the minute. in fact, looking at her style and mine side-by-side like that does prove that the apple has not fallen too far from the tree...

i guess we all know what my mum's getting this year... what about yours?

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