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4 May 2016

wishlist | a new wardrobe, please (literally)

sunnies | dress | denim jacket | boots | bomber | skirt | jumper | headphones | coat | skirt

yaaaay, the sun's heeeere! yaaaay, i have the internet baaaack! yaaaay, i've finally moved in to my new, giant, incredibly palatial pad, and this fresh start calls for a fresh look. although, obviously not too fresh because i mean, florals and pastels for me is pretty much standard, innit. but fresh for the new-to-me wardrobe that actually broke the day we moved in, and before any of my clothes were actually inside of it. ironic much? the pole had been held in place with some blue tack for some time before my empty hangers brought it crashing down late tuesday night, in a comical comparison to my actual life that day. ahhh, moving is such fun, isn't it?

but the sun; it's really warm, right? and i'm back to that time-old dilemma that is: what do i wear? it's definitely not warm enough to have my legs out out, right? so i guess i'm still in tights and boots, but just a lighter-weight jacket, or a shorter sleeved dress. a pale blue denim jacket like this from paige is definitely on the list, as is a classic floral bomber jacket like this from new look - just to keep things pretty on my way to-and-from work. a longer but light-weight mac could be perfect, in a tan or peach or mint.. something that won't look too weird nestled in under my club tropicana bonce, anyway.

i've invested already in a few light cotton jumpers from sugarhill, and i'm looking forward to getting them out and layering in the mornings when the sun is just starting to warm, when i just need something to keep the chill off my arms. i've actually been enjoying unpacking this week, because it's given me the chance to rediscover old loves - i found some pretty pink sunnies that i've had for years, in the cats eye style, but with a little metallic heart on one of the lenses! totally toddler, but i bloody love them. really looking forward to getting them out, so they can have their time in the sun (hur hur).

next thing on the list to buy: new headphones. the jam pink ones above from urbanears are now on sale, but the shipping almost totally accounts for the discount, but at full price qualify for free shipping... what's a girl to do! if you fancy buying them for me: i'll send you my address. until someone decided to purchase all the new things for me (or, a new wardrobe), i'll continue to drip them into my life (a bit like the kitchen tap; add that to the list) at a slow enough pace that winter will be back around before i make any of those jackets mine.

ahhh, life.

*post written in collaboration with brand; all thoughts are my own*

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