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1 June 2016

london | a tatty workshop on brick lane

sometimes i really cannot believe how cool my life is. here's the most recent example: last week i had the absolute honour of heading down to tatty devine's east london store front, to help launch the new kiss and make up collection by taking part in a bloggers' tatty workshop. long-time readers of this here blawg will know what a big fan of the quirky jewellery brand i am, so as soon as the invite hit my inbox, i honestly could not believe my luck.

i headed straight there after work on thursday, and because i was running ever-so late, headed straight for whatever was left in the box of pink and glittery bespoke vicky's donuts that had been sent over for our event when i arrived. prosecco in one had and donut in the other, i quickly caught up with mega babes paigelaw and jemma before jazmine and charlotte from the tatty devine studios stepped up and talked us through the task at hand that night: making our very own lips links necklace from scratch. 

*gulp* i used to be quite crafty, but not for a long time, and certainly not very well, so i was nervous. minutes into charlotte's demonstration though, i realised how unnecessary that was. she was cool, calm and collected, and with crafting pros paige and law on hand to help too, we were crimping and clamping metal bits and bobs in no time. did i have to stop and start a few times when certain bits looked like they might, you know, fall off if i'd left them as they were, but all-in-all, i was pretty good!
and not even half an hour later, i was the very happy owner of my very first piece of tatty devine jewellery, and one of the very first pieces from the new collection - all hand-made by me. such fun! cue ten bloggers posing around the super colourful workshop, snapping pictures of their creations against the vibrant backdrops of the shop, while comparing our finished products to those on the shelves for sale. barely indistinguishable (imo)!

i had a blast, truly. and not just because the prosecco never stopped flowing, and there were sweets at every turn, but that workshop was my inner-magpie's idea of heaven. there were bright colours and glitter and inflatable toys everywhere you turned, and my camera was literally never out down for very long. i want to go back just to hang out - that's the sort of vibes they're serving in that shop. 

i did feel bad for charlotte having to stay back and teach a bunch of bloggers how to create pieces of art, but actually, she's used to it! tatty workshops is a real thing! for everyone! she says mostly for hen parties and baby showers and team bondage (*wink*) type affairs; it looks like there are two workshops to choose from, but whichever you choose, if it's half as fun as our event, i couldn't recommend them more. so a massive thanks to charlotte and jazz for having me down - i had the best time!

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