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6 June 2016

some happy things

lunch time manicure - a few weeks back now, sophie and i headed over to the house of fraser press day which was being held in the building right next door to our office, at one marylebone. it's the most gorgeous church i've ever seen, so shiny and luxurious, and being as it was so easy to pop in-and-out of, we headed over to have a lunch time mani from nails inc, taste the deconstructed fish and chips, and see what was on the cards for a/w16. there wasn't a lot that took my fancy in the way of the fashion spread, but certainly plan to head back in a few months to stock up on their new homeware lines.

strong pin game - i finally replaced my too-small dark-blue denim jacket with a lovely grey stretch, lightweight jacket, and immediately added all the pins in my possession to ensure it was ready for battle. really loving the light grey - it goes with everything i own, and it's super comfy too. win/win!

wings wednesday - week before last, the work crew and i headed to our local pub for their infamous dining offer on wings wednesday: 2lbs of wings for a fiver. two whole pounds of meat, either bbq or hot, for a fiver. they bring you a "spit bucket" for the bones, which - once filled with the gnawed bones of 12 pounds of bones, looked pretty gnarly. i don't quite think "pride" is what i was feeling after that sitting, but boy am i glad i joined the gym. that was a wholly unnecessary amount of food.

the second city - over the last long weekend, bex and i went to birmingham for a few nights. though we were for the music festival slam dunk (see below), we thought we'd use the time away to check out and tick off another home-side city as part of my grand twelve-in-twelve mission this year. it was prettier than i was expecting too; more on that tomorrow.

slam dunk - after reading last year i decided that maaaaaybe i could handle a festival, so long as i didn't have to camp. so when i heard that a whole host of my favourite bands were playing slam dunk festival this year over three days in leeds, birmingham and hatfield, well... it didn't take much for me to convince bex to come with. we were blatantly the oldest people there, despite us being these kids' ages when these bands first started making music, but we had a great time nonetheless. we saw yellowcard play ocean avenue in full. they'd never done that before that day. that was fucking cool.

little nan's house - this past week i caught up with some of my bangarang babes over some bottomless cocktails-in-teapots and tubs of help-yourself pick-and-mix over at little nan's rio bar, at the rio cinema in dalston. if 90s club tunes and cult film memorabilia is your thing, you're going to love this place. full review coming later this week - keep your eyes peeled for that, i can't wait to relive it!

national donut day - does what it says on the tin; the most delicious way to stay patriotic.

flat/mates - mine are the best. we've not spent a lot of time together since we all moved in, but this weekend we had our first proper flatmate dinner, where clem cooked the most increddddible pork belly and greens meal while i whipped up another of my famous cheesecakes. this one was key lime again, and went down a treat. there are left overs if you're hungry? living with people who contribute to your life is the best thing ever; why did i leave it so long to give this a try?

the future's so bright - i got some new sunnies are they are giving me life.

sunny sundaze - i spent sunday morning getting fashion photography advice from the lovely team at jessops academy, and special celebrity photographers ricardo and tommy, before heading to a local park with my flatmates for some quality hangs while the sun was playing fair and giving us summer realness. i even wore a maxi dress! it was really warm! it didn't quite hit that 26* i kept hearing about, but those low twenties are more than welcome to stay, if you ask me.

i hope you've all had a lush couple of weeks in your world!

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