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22 June 2016

bedroom scandi-monium

chair : skandium | accessories : ikea

last weekend, we took a flatmate's trip out to flat-pack mecca, to pick up some bits and bobs for the palace, and also get our scandi-meatballs on. don't tell me our weekends aren't wild, ok? what's interesting is that, walking around that warehouse, it's funny to see how much my tastes have changed when it comes to decorating and interiors to a few years ago when i was decking out me and my ex's first flat together. back then it was mostly reclaimed or recycled bits of furniture, a lot of cath kidston-esque prints, and many, many charity shop finds bought to make our flat feel "homely". 

i don't want that floral explosion so much anymore. what i find myself drawn to more now are the scandinavian smooth lines, and interesting patterns, and pops of pastels -- well, at least nothing has changed too much there. the designs i found myself lusting over were more inspired by the seventies than the fifties,with more practical features than "pretty" ones.

side tables that serve a purpose other than just "looking nice" are at the top of my wishlist right now, alongside a good and comfy chair that i can partially use as a chairdrobe, and partially sit at to blog rather than sitting on my bed (the cast iron frame sucks in too much pillow and is pretty uncomfortable). the light fitting in my room is really badly wired, and the style of it isn't to my taste at all. plus, a bunch of the bulbs in it (it takes nine bulbs, i'm not even kidding) have blown, and i can not be bothered replacing them all - i'd rather just replace the whole fitting with something more to my taste, like above, which is currently pending landlord approval (pray for me).

but, the one thing i can't bear to look at too much longer are the ratty and discoloured curtains that are currently hanging in my room. they're a beigey colour, while my walls are a dark lavender/grey. they do not match; i'm not sure the pale pink i've pinned above would be more suitable, but i am sure am struggling to find a hue to compliment them. i think cream, or white, or a super pale grey would be the best bet, but finding some that don't break the bank is a nightmare! 

suggestions are welcome from all on that front.

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