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11 June 2016

style | it's athleisure time, bitch

*sings* i joiiiined a gyyyym, and i got a traaaainer, and it's the wooorst decision i've ever maaaaade. actually, i'm constantly reminded by timehop that i have in the past made some other pretty terrible decisions, but this current one is one that i pretty much regret every time i look at my new trainers (they are also a regrettable decision as i thought they were black and pink, but they're actually navy and pink - ew), and put those awful fashion faux pas that are leggings on to my body ready for another abusive session, and find myself daydreaming about getting a sexy pair of skates to wear to work (it's just how i roll....ahem).

why did i do it, i hear you ask. well, for a number of reasons; let me count the ways.. firstly: apparently, exercise is good for you. as in, for your health, and let's face it: i do nothing to help improve that otherwise. i'm hoping that with a little physical exertion and getting my heart rate up every now and then, i will in fact help my body to start mending its piss poor immunity levels, and improve my basic coordination so i stop breaking bones. secondly: i gotta start doing something to combat all the eating out and social drinking that i do during the week. look, it's not that i have a poor diet, i really don't. i eat green and fresh and healthy when i eat at home, but... how often does that happen? and let me tell you this: i am not about to give up my social life any time soon, so i have to start doing something to help it "be ok" that i have that life. a little exercise with my "pretty good" diet is a small change that i can 100% make to help this only body of mine survive that little bit better.

and lastly: i figure working out after work or on a weekend when i have nothing better to do than laze around and be wholly uninteresting and/or bored will be a much better use of time, and may even assist in my constant sleeping problems. because, working out is tiring, and being tired helps you sleep. funny that. so, that's the plan. so i joined the gym and bought trainers - real ones, and i paid for a personal trainer to work with me twice a month (aka: let me moan about how much i hate him/the gym/exercising) too. all i need now is the kit. i can't seem to ever find anything in store when i go and look for nice things to wear that hide my bum or give me a camel toe, and that is cute enough to persuade me to walk to-and-from the gym to home without needing a full-length coat. 

these are some of the ones i've been able to find that i don't totally hate, but i'd love to hear where you buy yours? do leave me some links in the comments... please!

*post written in association with brand; all thoughts are my own*

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