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6 January 2017

metallic her

i'm a bonafide magpie. i've always been a fan of anything glittery or sparkly, and had an affinity with things that shimmer in the sunlight since i was a tot. i'm 32 years old now though, and there are times when i do have to wonder how many variations of highlighter and eye shimmer are too many to pile on in one day, but still. wear what makes you happy, no?

i'd been rocking a tan backpack for over a year when i realised that was, well, pretty out of character for me. i used to be a real bag fiend, mixing up my hoard of pastel-coloured shoulder bags depending on my outfit, the season, or how big the book i was reading was, but once i started using the backpack, i never looked back. except, tan leather isn't really "me" -  no matter how much stuff i can fit in there, so when i was in manchester recently and stumbled across this gorgeous, shimmery bag... well, i decided to switch things up!

shirt + backpack + boots : primark | skirt : new look

it's short a zip or two compared to the last, but it certainly gets a lot more compliments than the last, and it's a looooot more jazzy too. silver is a super versatile colour and it goes with all my winter coats, and will be easy to transition too, come spring. it was less than a tenner, has a more secure clasp on it than the last, and is bladdy silver! i'm buzzing! 

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