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13 January 2017


a few days ago over on instagram i mused that i had no sensible winter shoes. like, it's been icy and wet and totally gross to walk around in this last week or so, and i'd just been wearing my regular old boots, because comfort. but not necessarily sensible - especially on the icy roads. but then! on my return to work, i discovered a package had been delivered while i was away, and huzzah! inside the parcel were the sensible shoes that my dreams are made of, and i slipped them on and it was decided. they are my forever shoes, and there's nothing more to be said.

i'm soooo not a trainers person, i just can't imagine myself roaming around the streets in laced-up trainers, but, these are such a comfy slip on plimsole with a thick, cushiony sole, and they're the prettiest things i've had on my feet in a very long time! they're so, so, so comfy too - like walking on clouds, and the rubber soles are just great on the icy roads. plus: that print? give me a breeeeak! it's so ted baker-esque that i fell in love with them at first sight. 

top c/o apricot | pinafore c/o george | coat + bag : everything5pounds | shoes : asos

because of the amount of black i've been wearing of late (that pink hair life!), these are the perfect thing to jazz up my boring-as-batshit outfits that i apparently enjoy wearing now. despite being trainers, they definitely don't have that "athletic" look about them, which is great. so yeah, they're a bit more casual than what i'm used to, but they're a great compromise for this slippery weather, and also for giving my poor old feet a comfy rest from heeled chelsea boots erry. damn. day.

what's your take on "sensible" shoes; i'd love to add to my tiny collection!

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