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23 January 2017

some happy things

pizza dates | i met up with charley on monday, for the first time since last year, at the city's newest pizza place: tank and paddle. we chatted about our upcoming travels, new jobs, and plans for our impending future all while stuffing our faces full of delicious carbs. can you imagine a better date? more on the pizza itself tomorrow. make sure you check back if pizza is your cuppa tea!

winter sunrises | seeeeeriously, how fricken incredible have these sunrises been this week? every morning i wake up to sun streaming through the cracks in my curtains, and by the time i get out of the shower, the sun is just above the houses in my backyard. the colours in the sky have been indescribable, so instead, i just take pictures. lots and lots of pictures.

wanderlust | we went and did it this week; we went and booked our flights to japan! i was just having a look at tickets on thursday when i saw they were cheaper than they were earlier that week, so.. we booked them! we will be flying out to osaka on my freaken birthday (after a night in the yotel at heathrow! have you been? i'd love to hear what it's really like!), then spending two weeks exploring. we have a loose itinerary at this stage, so i'd love to hear your suggestions if you have some!

fabulous friends | on thursday, the gals and i headed into piccadilly for katie's last performance in 'katie brennan's quarter life crisis'. it's the third time i've seen her perform it now, and i seriously hope it's not the last, because it's seriously one of the best shows i've ever seen. it's so well written and witty. the songs are tongue in cheek, totally relevant, and absolutely hilarious. she makes me laugh and cry, and that's truly saying something. if you ever get the chance, do yourself a favour and go. thank me later.

new coffee blend | i was stoked to receive a fab little box of coffee-shaped goodies in the post this week, thanks to three sixty degrees. the #threesixityboost couldn't have come at a better time, considering the amount of wine i consumed the night before at katie's show.. there's a fun little recipe i'm going to try to recreate using some of the coffee too, so keep your eyes peeled for that...

doggy dates | joining borrow my doggy was the best decision i made this year, outside of booking holidays. hanging out in puppy parks for a couple of hours is the one thing that's been making my mood instantly lift. throwing a slobbery frisbee in a muddy park has somehow become my new favourite past time, and goldie is my new best friend. i so look forward to hanging out with her - even if she's not the cuddliest or most affectionate little girl on the planet, she just makes me happy.

a gym bunny | not only doggy dates, but the gym. it's been making me sore, but happy. i've not been going after work too much as it's super busy after work, and also really damn cold, so i've been heading over on weekend mornings instead. friday night i couldn't get comfy as i was trying to sleep, and it's because my limbs weren't tired. not kidding! so, i'm definitely going to try and make more of an effort after work, because on saturday night i was asleep by 11, and that's the dream. oh my god, i am so old.

hair raising | i got it in my head that i wanted to have my hair done. like, i wanted my roots coloured darker and smudged into my pink a bit, to make growing it out seem less tacky. so i just decided to do it. by myself. on a saturday night. so, i maybe didn't let it develop enough and it went a slightly khaki shade instead of chocolate brown, so i popped a purple and a magenta over the top to add some warmth and brighten it, and it seems to have worked a treat. so, let's hope that helps lessen the maintenance over the next few months while it grows out some more.

here's to another brilliant week. hope it's happy, whatever you do!

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