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stupid cupid

stupid cupid, you seem to have forgotten me.. again! you must know by now how much i adore this time of year - i mean, when else can i buy and wear love hearts and (more) glitter (than normal) without anyone mistaking me for a toddler? 

literally, the month leading up to valentine's day are the pinkest, sparkliest, and most adorable, and i just can't get enough. except for the fact that i'm still single, which means i'm not allowed to indulge in valentine's day, because rules. 

well, i haven't had a chap about for many, many valentine's days now, but that hasn't stopped me from getting my fair share of chocolates and love notes... from the gals. i've been a long-time supporter of galentine's day, the day before valentine's day where you take the time to celebrate your fierce friends, as well as spoiling yourself when no-one else will because - and i quote: "if you can't love yourself how in the heeeeell are you gonna love somebody else?" 

this year is no different. and i mean, god, i've been spoiling myself a lot lately so i think i've proven how much i love myself (and travelling) already, but.. when's enough, enough? is there such a thing when it comes to wearing love hearts and pink lipstick? i'm not sure there is, to be honest.

*post written in collaboration with house of fraser. all my words are my own*

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