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4 January 2017

wishlist | new year, new room

like i said, i'm not much for resolutions; i think if you want to change something, then change it. so rather than set goals i might not be able to achieve and prepare to feel sorry for myself once again, i decided this time i'd just make a few promises to myself instead. promises that mainly fall in to the "self-care" category, which is something i have let slide for far too long.

part of the "self-care act" is staying in rather than going out, and spending more time on "me". my favourite place to be "me" is in my bedroom. i've been in this flat for more than six months now, and there are still things that need replacing or repairing, or somewhere to live. like, i still don't have bedside tables. i've makeshifted one out of a chair i found in a skip (classy), and one dodgy side table that was in the flat when we moved in but it totally hideous. it's covered in stuff so no-one can see how horrible it is, but i know. and, i love this room. so, if i'm going to be spending more time in it, then i want to jazz it up.

so, it helps that everything is on sale right now because it seems the perrrrfect time to re-asses the bedroom furniture situation. and the colour scheme situation. and the new linen situation. i still have a duvet cover from my first flat in london, how good-slash-bad is that? at least we know primark linen is of a pretty ok quality! but for real: this is adulting, i think. buying furniture and spending time inside on your own. and, until i buy that house of my own, i may as well make my only personal space somewhere really pretty and comfortable, and somewhere worth staying in for, right?

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