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22 November 2012

carnaby shopping party

every couple of months, the reception at work is abuzz with word that everybody's favourite night is coming up; the carnaby street shopping party! best. night. ever! there's always free food and drinks (the alcoholic kind, best!), discounts, live music, cupcakes, manicures... all kinds of freebies; you name it, it's there! it's the best night to shop, and especially at this time of year - christmas shopping!

carmen and i headed down after work (we work just off carnaby street) with boyfriend in tow, to see what was on offer. maaaan, the weather was relentless though, and it was hard to enjoy the buzz with your hair in your face and the constant threat of rain, but we did ok. while boyfriend hunted for new trainers, carmen and i headed to monki and dahlia to ohh and aah over the discounted shelves, then checked out the handmade and local artist shops in kingly court, but with nothing but dust and buttons in our purses, we ended up (as always) staring longingly in the window at irregular choicesoooooo pretty.

in conclusion: boyfriend got some trainers for christmas, i had one and a half free cupcakes, a plastic cup of cheap wine, and scored some free hand painted wrapping paper.
go me.