14 November 2012

november photo challenge (part one)

i love a good instagram photo challenge. we're at the halfway mark now, so here's a peep at my submissions so far throughout this month's photo challenge...

1.something starting with C (can, cola) 2. colour (poppy, boyfriend's outfit) 3. breakfast (self explanatory) 4.TV (again, self explanatory) 5. 5 o'clock (i was a bit late) 6. a favourite thing (scooones, yum)7. reflection (mark and i in a christmas bauble!) 8. somthing you do everyday (get on this stinkin' train) 9. small (small pieces of chocolate have less calories and are much healthier for you.
10. something you can't/won't live without (boyfriend *nawwww* and music)(especially the beach boys) 11. night (sunday night roast, thanks boyfriend!) 12. drink (my new favourite - pink wine and fanta lemon *zero*)13. where you slept (in my bed, duuuuuuh).

have you been playing along?


  1. Replies
    1. You read right! It's fizzy and fruity and yum!

  2. I haven't been playing, but I kind wish I had. I love stuff like this :)

    1. There's an Instagram user who starts one every month, @fatmumslim - join in next month! X

  3. Lady, you are wise beyond belief - little chocolate + less calories!!!! And I'm totally with you on the scones, nutella and Beach Boys! Maybe it's an Aussie thing...?


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