d.i.y glitter hair clips

Sunday, 18 November 2012

this week as i was trawling through my daily reads, i came across this awesome project that emily at yesterday's sweetheart had discovered herself; DIY glitter hairclips! what a perfect small project to keep me busy this weekend (while causing catastrophe on another project - details another time).  the actual tutorial is here, and calls for something called elmers glue, which i couldn't locate aaaanywhere. i bought (what i thought was) a substitue while out and about on saturday in the local wilkos, but when i got it home, it was all kinds of wrong. i decided to then just glue the glitter directly onto cardboard, and see how well that worked. well, you tell me...

i've got a gold and a silver one drying at the moment, too. clever idea huh!


  1. ack, i love these!! what an amazing idea! xx

    1. i know! so clever, and easy! making more..... x

  2. These are so pretty! and so simple!! xx


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