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10 November 2012

hair today, gone to...day

argh. i hate getting my hair cut. like, detest it. i adore having long hair, because for me, it takes so long to actually grow. so, when it comes to those bi-monthly trims, i shy away and insist that the length must stay! i have been dying my own hair for years, and cut my own fringe on a regular basis (ie - whenever it is in my actual eyeballs), so generally all the hairdresser is needed for is for 'the trim'. which, is never really a trim. the last time i had a hair cut (about this time last year), i went in insisting that under no uncertain terms was she to touch my fringe (i was growing it), or were there to be layers. i walked out of that salon that day with the shaggiest barnet i had ever had, and a butchered fringe. the first thing i did when i got home was curse boyfriend for making me go (always his fault, safe to admit), and then cried the most irrational tears of my life ('til that point - there have been some doosies since then. i digress...). the second thing i did was go online and order myself some hair extensions  yes! 99p synthetic hair extensions with free delivery from hong kong would right what had been wronged! well.. as it turns out, even at 99p they were a waste of money. i learned some very valuable lessons that day..

so, this past week it has become increasingly obvious that the state of my home job bleach blonde ombre is on the decline. even more so when i used my brand new curling iron on them, and almost burned the ends right off. as *lovely* a job i did on the dye, and no matter how much aussie care goes into it, there is no repairing what damage i've now done. 
it was time.

in i walked with a go-to picture of zooey d for reference. "just a trim?" she asked. "no, cut it" i replied. i didn't even flinch a muscle. i was doing the right thing (melodramatic much?).

voila! again she was warned to not touch the fringe (i prefer doing it myself), and she kind of insisted on the layers which i didn't think was such a bad idea this time as i have gone for blunt ends rather that the standard 'v' look at the back. around 3 inches were lopped off the ends, which also means i lost a lot of colour (not a bad thing). as soon as i touched it afterwards, it already felt so much lighter and less dry, so all in all, this was a much more positive experience. the lady was lovely, and hardly berated me at all for the state of my hair. there was no "what am i going to do with this?!" type statements, although she did ponder under her breath "lucky me" when i told her how i regularly trim the ends at work when i get bored.

your thoughts?