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1 November 2012

link love - the equality edition

ok so this past week, i did myself proud by (mostly copying rebekah's) submitting a formal letter to the new zealand government, regarding the proposed 'marriage (definition of marriage) amendment bill'. i am very much for this bill being passed. it means nothing to me personally, i am a straight woman, and legally entitled to marry in the u.k, australia and n.z. but, it seems strange to me that some of my friends don't have the same rights as me.

i don't ever really get political, it bores me. so i'm not going to start now, but, this just goes against all kinds of common sense...and that makes me angry.

so, when i saw this on huffpo, it made me happy. these girls were just standing up for what's right.

and then there was brad. i wonder if he donated that right out the monies earned from that chanel advert?

oh, ben gibbard - you done wrong by my zooey but... gosh <3

remember this? yes. well. and that guy who married his dog?  
so i think my feelings are pretty clear. love is love - at least.. reciprocal love from a human, is love. celebrate, bitches!