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17 November 2012

five things

there have been a number of silly little things that have made my heart happy this week - uncommon, as most of you are aware, as i am the world's last great mizog. i hoped i might share these with you now...

1. this beautiful crown ming fine china set that i found in a local charity shop on the weekend. i uhmmed and aaahed over it in the shop, and decided (since i don't drive, and had already picked up 6 hard back books in another shop - heavy!) that i couldn't manage to take them home with me, and sadly left them behind. on the bus into town i couldn't stop thinking about the friggen china set, and with the confidence and support of a few lovely instagram and twitter friends, i called the shop up and and asked the lovely manageress if she would ever so kindly find it in her heart to hold the set for me until monday, when i would send a strong boyfriend there to pick up. thankfully she was more than happy to do that for me. yey! i was soooo excited to come home on monday to this beautiful set, although it was sadly brought to my attention that there is one cup missing - making this only a 29 piece set, but, happy days!

2. this is my "i finally saw skyfall and it was awesome!" face. tuesday night is date night in the "von durrance" household. usually that means spaghetti bolognese (his favourite, my worst... mince... *shudder*) and don't tell the bride (ridiculous and awesome simultaneously) while he's allowed to watch football on my laptop. occasionally we branch out and splurge on cheap cinema tickets. this week was no exception. so, having picked up some supplies from marks' and hopping on the train to bromley, we got to the cinema to discover the session had sold out and the next would be in an hour. bromley is dull by day, and doesn't get anyby night, so this left us killing time at mcdonald's. boyfriend was happy enough with that, so, armed with a complimentary colouring in sheet and crayons, we waited. the movie was soooo good though, and worth the wait. it is a long one though, and because of the late start, we didn't get in til after midnight. shattered.

3. you might recall my earlier post about the brownie in a mug sensation? no? well, let me remind you: you mix a bit of sugar, a bit of flour, a tablespoon of melted butter and some water in a mug. you then put that mug in the microwave, for just under two minutes....... that's it. you now have, brownie in a mug. enjoy with your favourite iced non-dairy confection. this made my wednesday complete.

4. after being inspired my my instagram friend kelly-anne, i headed to forever 21 after work to find this skirt. it looked terrible on me, but brilliant in this picture. this is now how I will remember the outfit...*sigh*

5. i seem to have regained some motivation. cool huh? yeah, so not only have I been ferociously sewing away at a few new bows to add to my own personal (and commercial, if you're interested) collection, but on thursday/friday my goodies began to arrive from overseas! now armed with plain iPhone cases, pretty deco bits and pink whipple cream, i feel a new project coming on... i think my weekend is planned now.

so, i've had a good week... have you?