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2 January 2013

hove, actually

we went to brighton today for lauren's last day in the country. the weather was bad, and we were tired because we went to see viva forever in town last night, and then stayed up late and watched spice world and had hot chocolates with too many marshmallows. it was basically a sugar (and spice. haha!) explosion. anyways, we were up early this morning, and we were off.

it was overcast, and spitty for most of the day, but we made the most of it by checking out the pier, spending too many coins on the dodgy arcade games (i so had my heart set on winning either a plush minnie or hello kitty.. it wasn't meant to be), having 'world famous' fish and chips at harry ramsden's on the beach front, shopped the cath kidston sale, then strolled the many, many back alleyways of pretty, colourful cottages. as you can see, the cottages were a huge hit.

i'm sad to see the bff head home after only a few days with her - fun filled days, though, we've had a great time catching up and reminiscing. not too long, and i'll be back home for a holiday but, i am tiiiired. back to work tomorrow.

wah! etc!