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27 May 2015

w.i.w.t | peachy keen, jellybean

my love for sugarhill boutique grows stronger with every day and every email that comes through my inbox, offering me discounts, and reminding me of their delicious sale section. this particular peach and blue poppy lux daydream of a dress set me back a teeny tiny £13 - a sum that could have been significantly cut down a fifth with a 20% discount code that went live the day ~after i bought it. typical! 

never the less, its arrival on my desk last week coincided perfectly with the safe delivery of my brand spanking new leather sandals* from jones bootmaker (30% off at the moment, meep!), and in an instant, the stars had aligned. the soft peach and pale blue and lilac print perfectly complimented the creamy tan leather, and rather than spending my time working that afternoon, i spent hours dreaming of outfit combinations for each of my new spring staples.

dress : sugarhill boutique | sandals c/o jones bootmaker | belt + bag : primark | lippy : rimmel no.16

oh hey, bare legs! the dress is a little bit too biiiiiiiig for me (i think it's probably the style of the dress, and something i'm beginning to notice about sugarhill dresses; they all seem to come up a little big on me. i just know that if i go down a size, it'll be too damn small.), and so falls a little longer than normal (except when i wear a belt, obvs), so perfect for spring sunshine.

plus, with the added height and sliiiight definition from the block heel on the sandal, this outfit had me feeling sass-say! the sandals are super comfortable too, which was really unexpected. over the autumn/winter (/currently, still) i have been wearing a lottttt of heeled boots, and i think it's been really good practice! it's been the first time in my life that i've really worn heels (i don't ~do out-out, i think we all know that), and so six months of chelsea boots and chunky platforms has really done wonders for all the potential heeled-shoes in my future.

i usually opt for a wide fit shoe as i am really ugly-and-wide footed, but sadly these babies don't come in a wider fit. i took a chance on them because perfect for spring, but i did worry that i might not be able to get my ogre feet into them at first; lucky for me though, the tan leather is so soft and malleable that my feet basically glided in to place. it was friggen meant to be, and these sandals - much like the beautiful dress, were destined for my wardrobe.

i'm still waiting on donna to send me ally's tulle skirt for the wedding next month, but i'm not panicking any more because now i have a definite back-up option for if time gets away from us. i think this outfit is totally country-wedding appropriate, especially with the love hearty accessories, don't you think?

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