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1 May 2015

frock swap | something borrowed, something blue

i'd seen donna's bird-print dress make its way around the squad, and every time it popped up on someone else's blog, i panicked. i am just not a blue girl. it's not a colour i am attracted to, and if i'm honest, i'm of the old school when it comes to the 'colour rules', and very much agree that "black and blue will never do". seeing donna style it with black tights was ~comforting though, but it was a very seasonal choice - she'd styled the dress with a grey jumper and desert boots, and it was in the middle of winter. it totally worked. it's now spring, and that palette was just not going to work for me.

the neon yellow marc b clutch that arrived with the collared dress gave me some inspiration though, as it pulled out some of the bright colours of the sparrow print and gave me some ideas about how i could style it. 

i pulled out my bright coral pumps and soft peach jacket, and was satisfied i was on to a winning combo... until i put the dress on. it was a weird fit, to say the least. it pulled around my bottom and hips more than i was happy with, and was quite loose and ill-fitting around my top half. i tried the jacket on over the top but the arms felt bunched up underneath - absolute no - so i whipped that off quick smart. the problem then was the mesh panel around the chest area; it was totally opaque from the shoulder seam to the neckline, which mean that no matter what colour bra i tried, the straps were completely visable; a pet peeve of mine.

so, it wasn't meant to be. not on me anyway. all the other girls (bar chloe, who will be receiving it next) have definitely managed to give donna's old dress some new life, and i'm sure once she gets it back, she will have no problem wearing it
here are how the other girls wore it; donnaallycharlotte. there's something for all seasons with this dress. so, which is your favourite? i really love how ally's rocking the bare legs and neon pumps, don't you?

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