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12 May 2015

w.i.w.t | how to be a unicorn, part two

dress*: sugarhill boutique | boots*: asos | belt : primark | bag c/o new look

if you saw my instagram last week, then you've likely been expecting this post. equally, if you read 'how to be a unicorn' part one, then this post is a long time coming. well, here we are. when my magical unicorn dress landed from sugarhill boutique, it was love at first sight. i couldn't wait to get it on - i was nervous, of course, as in a size 10 and chiffon fabric, i wasn't sure it would fit. i hoped - based on the pineapple dress by sugarhill that i picked up from tk maxx a couple of weeks ago, that it would, but you never know. so, when i slipped it on and zipped up the side zip only to find it was comfortably loose, i was... happily surprised. 

i would have preferred it to be perfect, obviously, and fit like the tea dress. but, with some wiggle room and the chance to wear my pale pink rope belt with it, and still be wearing a size 10, i am more than happy with that. ok, so i haven't managed to fulfil my hoof dreams of white platform perfection (they're sold out now, wah!), but i happen to think these grey matte boots from asos are still pretty good subs until that time comes, right? still totally uncomfortable, which is a total shame. i wore them the whole day at work, and basically hobbled home at the end of it all. one more day of wearing is is all they'll need... i hope. the agony is unbearable for something so pretty.

and here's a hot tip for when it comes to creating the perfect unicorn nails: make sure you're wearing your shoes first, because putting boots on with freshly-painted glitter-bombed nails is... not a good idea. lesson learned. turns out i don't believe in logic, in the same way i don't believe in humans.

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