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10 July 2015


last friday after i work i met up with my bitch-a-long and musical blongo babes for what was essentially round three. this time however, our adventure took us east to st. katherine's docks, for another of best ldn walks' incredible walking tours of london. having been on two or three already in my time, when i'd heard about the wapping pirate pub tour blogger party on twitter, i knew it was going to take wild horses to keep the and me hearties - the original #sas (secret adventure society, arrrgh) away. in fact, we essentially invited ourselves along, and decided to make a right go of it.

and by "right go of it", i clearly meant "dress like a mermaid". 

we met at charlie(distracted)'s before the walk, where we drank cans of gin in a tin, a magnum of prosecco, and then filled the empty cans with prosecco to take on the road with us. being that she lives no more than five minutes away from the meeting point outside the dickens inn, we were sure to hang about on her lovely balcony as long as possible...

and for the next two and a bit hours, we continued to drink as if we were pirates (not rum though), learnt a lotttttt about the pirates of east london, discovered that cher lives in wapping, played a solid game of "narrr or yarrr", learnt that pirates weren't actually lawless, decided that captain kid's hair looks sexy pushed back, chatted about the original connor maynard, learnt that blackbeard was actually a massive ginger, and "hung out" (oi oi!) at the lost pirate execution dock on the shores of the thames. 

but mostly, we quoted totally relevant "mean girls" quotes at poor charlotte who finally gave in and had a drink with us when she realised she was not going to complete her tour without one. that poor girl puts up with a lot from us, and yet time and after time, she asks us back for more.

another great time was had by all, and if pirates are yarr thing, then you should jump on board her next wapping pub tour. details are here, and it's now only a fivarrrrgh! 

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