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24 July 2015

flora dora + the bow road bbq

almost exactly one year ago to the day, a group of girls gathered on the roof of a block of flats in dalston to watch an incredible lightening storm hit london. with their pink 76's in hand, the girls danced in the rain and bated the storm, simply because it was the respite they'd craved from the hottest summer for ages, and what better way to cool off is there than drinking posh cocktails while you sing and dance in an urban storm?

although this summer has been *mostly* a lot milder, there's definitely still a place for drinking fancy cocktails in the rain, isn't there; when world duty free told me once again of their summer drinks festival - that this year included a limited edition hendrick's gin, i knew how i would go one better this time around...

with mike having just moved to bow road and needing an excuse to warm the new flat, i plotted a bbq take over of his back garden. turns out bribing people with gin is one way to get what you want! as i'd been plastered up once planning had already begun i was determined to not let the team down, and dug in as much as possible; even managed to prepare and cook (albeit mike did a lot of the actual ~serving) a couple of dishes i'd picked up the week before in my vietnamese cooking class - goes to show just how effective the class actually was! 

my pulled chicken and summer rolls went down a bloody treat, but were a definite second best to the highlight of the bbq; the flora dora. with a dash of grenadine to two parts gin, and fresh raspberries and ginger beer to finish, it was a zingy, refreshing cocktail that had smiles widening the faces of all who tried her. i'm not going to lie; a chose to make the flora dora because of the limited edition bottle, which is super pretty and vintage looking, and partly because pink. if there's a more suitable cocktail out there for me, i'm willing to try it.

a buildable cocktail is definitely the best for an outdoors affair like ours was, as there's no faffing about with measures or shakers or stirers; just build it and go. i was perhaps a tad heavy-handed (once again) with the alcohol, but with only one functioning hand, is there any wonder?... *wink*

a massive thanks to mike and his flatmates for letting me gatecrash their party, and a massive thanks to world duty free for the wonderful hamper of flora dora goodies. i've certainly found my new drink!

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