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27 January 2016

wishlist | galentine's day gifts

last year i challenged myself to wear love hearts every day for the week leading up to valentine's day, and took myself out for a fabulous lady-date on the big day in lieu of an ~actual gentleman caller to dote on me for the day. and you know what? it was lovely. there's so much emphasis on valentine's day being the most romantic day of the year, but just like all those other hallmark holidays, we all know they're really just there to make money and to make single people feel left out and unloved and in no way excited to book a table for one at their local for a sunday roast. to hell with them all, i say!

this year my very bff is out of the country for valentine's day, and the majority my other london friends are all happily paired off; i don't really even have the option of celebrating galentine's day this year - somewhat of a mini tradition amongst the bitter and single among us (mostly me), so instead i have decided that if i can't beat 'em, i'll join 'em, by romancing myself instead. get your mind out of the gutter. (edit: galentine's plans have now been made! three cheers for friends who brunch!)

i've bought some early treats for myself already: a subscription to crown and glory's bobby pin club was too much to resist - especially for only a fiver a month! i have no idea what's coming in this month's box, but the teaser email mentioned "unicorn kingdom" and i basically exploded with excitement. then there's the kate spade stationery and signature tumbler i nabbed myself early last week from new-to-me luxury gifting website amara. all that's missing from that collection is the rose gold coin purse - currently in the sale, and destined to be mine. (dear potential suitors: the way to my heart is through kate spade. get to know her, and you get to know me) and finally, with the thoughtful asos gift voucher i received at christmas, i am about to make a nars semi-matte lippy mine... once i figure out the colour i like best. 

so that really only leaves a few outstanding bits and bobs to make the perfect galentine's day shopping list complete; i just have to book myself that relaxing massage (edit: done) and grab myself a bottle of pink wine (edit: also done), and i am sorted. will you be celebrating galentine's or valentine's day this year?

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