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29 January 2016

style | flower power

pinafore dress : asos | top + boots : primark

when i saw this dress in the asos sale after christmas, i had to have it. the pink orla-kiely-esque daisy emblem in the centre of the bib was just ~too cute to pass up. in my mind, it would fit juuuust like it did on the model, and i would wear lovely white tops underneath the soft suedette fabric and it and it would be the perfect spring ensembl√©. then it arrived, and what i took for white in the image was certainly not white in reality, making wearing white (like the model) an impossible option. damn you asos! 

also: i have boobs, and i'm quite sure the model must not, because mine come bursting out of the sides of the bib with gusto, while hers are well hidden with a flowy ~white top underneath. or maybe i should have gone up a size, especially knowing what i know about clothing that is labelled "s/m/l".i mean, it fits perfectly everywhere else, so maybe i should just notch it up to a learning experience, because either way, it's still the most adorable thing in my wardrobe right now, and the one thing i am most looking forward to be able to squish my boobs into in the coming months as they warm up a little.

who knows, maybe i will even source the perfect colour top to wear underneath...

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