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22 January 2016

style | swingin' in stripes

dress and boots : primark | necklace c/o yosa

swing dresses are the flavour of the year, for me. hider of sins, flatterer of curves, bringer of comfort, a swing dress is now my safe and go-to option when i "have nothing to wear". when i found this stripey number in primark recently - and marked at only a tenner, i knew it would be coming home with me. not only is the high neck super elegant and "on trend" (important), but the darts around the bust create some much-needed shape in an otherwise shapeless frock.

perhaps "shapeless" is the wrong word. the shape is more bell-like than anything, and if not for the darts then i fear this could have the potential to sit a bit like a sack - so, very glad for the technical design! better still is the quality of it. yeah ok, it's from primark so it's not exactly made from the finest silks in the land, but it's certainly the best quality thing i've found in there for some time. it's almost crépe-like on the outside, with a smooth, pressed fabric on the reverse. no lining, but it absolutely does not need it.

this particular dress came in plain black too, but no; i am trying to avoid the black as much as possible for the rest of the winter. there are also full-length sleeved options available, but in a lighter fabric. i'm a bit of a "scruncher" when it comes to sleeves though, i was kind of drawn to the shorter length of these ones, if i'm honest. basically though, what i'm trying to say is, i love this dress. 

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