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11 February 2016

london | lumas art now

last thursday the squad and i were pleased as punch to be invited to the lumas gallery on south molten street, for the launch of their new exhibition "art now". each of the photographs in the collection is a postcard-sized ready-to-hang print that lives up to the lumas mantra that "art should be seen". despite the fact i don't particularly "get" art, i still like to "look" at it. plus, they said there would be cakes, and i've never met a cake i didn't entirely understand (except fruit cake. just why?).
[from the press release, as see above about "getting" art:] "many different themes weave in and out of the art now collection, making it the ideal microcosm of a personal photography portfolio, with seven different artist series featuring in the launch. young canadian artist david eger and his "cloned photos" images revitalize the historic and the iconic by replacing the characters in some of the world's most renowned photographic works with trooper figurines."

"catherine ledner, in her "animal house" series, projects the jovial as she shows an array of bipedal and four-legged creatures posing like top models. these polished postcards offer the chance to escape the boundaries of reality and plat with the ready-established." - this was my fave of all the collections, as well as the troopers one. especially now that i have actually seen star wars and finally know what a storm trooper is. 

i even got to take one of the ledner prints home - the bulldog one, which i just adore and is going to look perfect on my wall at home. each of the prints are ready-to-buy and ready-to-hang and ready-to-look-at, and sell for a pretty reasonable price of £24; i understand that's pretty "good" for "art". the exhibition is on now until i don't know when, as i can't find the dates online. but, you can buy pieces from the site too, with free shipping for valentine's day. remember: art lasts longer than flowers.

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