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12 February 2016

style | casual sunday

karma is a bitch. mere weeks after i gloated in my hair care tips post that i'd finally nailed my hair colour, i went and did something silly like add hair dye to my conditioner on a dodgy tip, to try and touch up my colour in between - err, colours. well, without eyes on the prize as i was conditioning it, i wasn't able to see where the colour was going and where it wasn't going, and so now it's preeeetty much something akin to a tropical fruit cocktail: multi-coloured.

and patchy af. one whole side is super fuity, rose gold and lush, and the other side is a pretty faded out pastel pink just like it was pre-showering that day. so yeah. i guess almost pointless, but yet almost not. because of how it kinda worked... on one side at least.

sunday called for minimal plans - just a bit of "me" time. and because of my foot woes i wanted to be nothing but comfortable. after a morning spent clearing out my shoedrobe trying to find some comfort in a sea of pain, i reclaimed some of the adorable flats that had been relegated to the back of the wardrobe for far too long, and took myself out on a nice, windy walk.

after the worst saturday i'd had in a long time, i needed to just unwind and relax a bit, and look after me for a bit. with a generous offer of a blow dry at rockalily from the wonderful ree ree, i took myself for a coffee at beagle before heading into the salon to have my hair frenchie-fied by kelsie, and being sent back out into the world, coiffed within an inch of my life.

jumper : h&m | dress : valleygirl | bag c/o george | jacket : just jeans | shoes : new look

i had planned for some solo brunch and taking in the last day of the annie liebovitz exhibition at wapping (because: art), but after two coffees and half an hour of having my hair literally pulled at every which way, i decided that i was better off going home, into the warm, and actually doing some laundry because i have just discovered that i literally only have six pairs of tights left that don't have holes in them. dire.

so, it wasn't quite the relaxing and wonderful weekend i had in mind or needed after my hectic week, but at least my foot wasn't in total pain after giving them a rest from my heeled boots for a couple of days. every cloud...