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2 February 2016

the single girl's guide to valentine's day

so it's that time of year again: the red hearts and pink kisses and romantic propaganda have made their way back into the high-street store windows once more, and if you're sans-life-partner like me, you can't help but feel a liiiiittle bit pathetic. not because you're single, heavens no. because i'm the kind of girl that, well, that buys that shit all the time anyway, yet only gets pitied by shopkeepers at ~this time of year when i try and partake in the silliness of valentine's day on my own. god bless online shopping, eh!

celebrate, don't commiserate!

don't spend valentine's weekend moping that you're not on some romantic night out with a guy you're in an unhappy relationship with, instead you should celebrate your independence with your other single pals! don't take these 'singles nights' so personally, and get out there and have fun! they're not as sleazy and pathetic as you think they are, i swear. ok so speed dating maybe isn't for everyone, but i've never met anyone who didn't love cilla black's 'blind date' as a child, so club nights like 'blind fold date' is the perfect singles party! no judgement, no misery, just absolute hilarity and a guaranteed match at the end of the night - take that tinder!

make it a palentine's day!

club night's not your thing? fair. how about spending the big day with your closest friends instead. we all know that long-timers barely celebrate the romantic holiday anyway, so what about getting all your mates together - not just the ~lame single ones, and take yourselves out for a fancy lunch somewhere. that way everyone can get dolled up and dressed to the nines in their favourite perfume and lipstick, and no-one has to feel left out at the dinner reservation for three. or five. or eleventeen, because you'll all be celebrating the day of love together. 

you should go and love yourself!

so your friends are ~actually all in love and already have plans of their own? so what! there's no reason you can't just damn well take yourself out on a date, and do all the things that you like to do and that make you happy. i for one am all for day trips to the seaside to eat real ice-cream, for solo-movie dates to see that film you'd be more embarrassed for other people to know you like than actually go see by yourself, or to just go to your local pub and enjoy a glass or two (i.e a bottle) of your favourite wine while sharing your life story with the barman. 

whatever you plan to do, valentine's day does not have to be the lonely, single pringle mope-fest the way the hallmark companies would have you believe it will be. personally, i plan to spend the day brunching with the squad, giggling over gossip, drinking bubbly drinks, and reminding myself how much i love being single. not because i'd rather not be in a meaningful relationship, but more like i can't actually think of anything i'd rather be doing that what i plan to be doing. so there.

*items gifted by rakuten, all thoughts are my own*

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