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20 May 2016

style | tickled pink

i spent sunday afternoon unpacking the last of the things i can actually unpack without a fully-functioning wardrobe, including my lovely smelly things and the rest of the prints that didn't quite make it onto my print wall. i remember seeing this print in an etsy shop for some silly price (it's only a bit of paper, like!) and then when i moaned to kim about how much i wanted it, well, she went and bloody made it for me, didn't she! 

it now sits, pride of place, on the mantle piece above the fireplace in my room; surrounded by delicious, floral perfumes, including the newest addition to my marc jacobs collection - daisy dream blush, thanks to fragrance direct who must have heard i was in need of a new summer smell, and who  were kind enough to send this pretty wee bottle over last week. she fits right in, doesn't she!
jumper c/o sugarhill boutique | skirt c/o george asda | shoes : asos

did i get dolled up just to hang pictures and unpack my life? no i did not. i was actually up pretty early on sunday for my introduction thingamabob at the gym up the road that i just joined, and then after that i had a few errands to run around sydenham so, yeh. i got dolled up for sydenham, clearly. it was bright and sunny, but not particularly warm, so this floral embossed peach jumper from sugarhill was the obvious choice. 

also because no matter what shade (or, shades, as it is now) my hair is, this jumper seems to compliment it; quite funny really, as it is sort of hard to tell where i end and it begins, as currently it's a pretty similar hue to my own flesh. mmm, fleshy. regardless, it's super soft and comfortable, and really lightweight too, making it the perfect thing to throw over a skirt or dress while running around town.

and since we've been having a little bit of sun lately, i bit the bullet and bought some new sandals. these tan flatform or platform or wedge or whatever-the-technical-term-is ones are so super light and comfortable to wear! the sole or base or heel thing is made from a wood-look fabric that i can't quite work out - it's obviously a plastic of some sort, but it's so lightweight that it feels like i'm gliding on air! i am in love, and i wish that they came in another colour, because i would actually just buy these in allofthecolours, they're the comfortable. 

i like the little bit of height they give, and the slight heel that gives my legs a little more length in the midi skirt. midis look to be a summer staple of mine, so now are these shoes. i might have to invest in a second, back up pair, for when i inevitably wear these ones out. it's rare i find a shoe that suits and is comfortable, so i suppose it must be fate!

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