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18 May 2016

wishlist | blue-min heck!

maxi dress : quiz | denim jacket : h&m | bag : new look| sandals : jones bootmaker | top : new look | culottes : new look | sunnies : h&m | dress : new look | loafers : new look

i think i might be sick; while shopping online for a nice maxi dress that isn't see through, doesn't have a split up the leg, has a decent neck line, is work appropriate, won't break the bank, and is available in my size, i found myself saving a whoooole bunch of blue things for further perusal. blue. me. i know!

i knew the summer options for those not interested in baring their midriff or any part of their legs were sparse at best, but when i went out into the world last week, hunting for a few simple dresses to get me through the impending "summer", i literally came away with nothing. they're either all body-con, or made from layers of rayon, or have awkward strap lines and neck lines, and there's certainly nothing "simple" about them. i used to be able to rely on brands like h&m and new look for basic maxis, but... no longer, it seems.

the need for a new dress has been discovered because of the fact my hair now clashes with all the majority of my summer wardrobe. all the oranges and pinks and bright colours make me look like a walking colour chart. it would probably be easier and less costly to just dye my hair brown again, but... i like it too much to quit on it now. plus: shopping is a national pastime, and i'm nothing if not patriotic.

blue seems to be the only colour that doesn't clash at all, and if anything, actually compliments my really-regrowthy bonce. plus, it goes reeeeeally well with a lot of other colours, like accessory colours, that i already have to hand. i have a ton of leather sandals and platforms in tans and whites and silvers that all look really fresh with a powder blue, and - despite my claims to the contrary, some shades of the icky colour are actually starting to grow on me... i'm not sure i'll ever be a blue-girl, but i think that under the circumstances, i'm going to give in and buy me something that looks good and ticks boxes, and worry about adverse feelings towards the hue another time.

have you seen anything that meets my criteria lately? i'd love some help!

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