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27 May 2016

style | on yer bike, then

i woke up last sunday to gorgeous, warm sun streaming into my room. carmen and i had plans for lunch to celebrate her birthday, and to really push the boat out, i decided to wear a version of what i wore the weekend before. because i'm lazy, and i really like this skirt, ok? it's a great length for the sunnier days, but thick enough that when the wind blows, i don't have to be too concerned about my dignity. i mean, i worry about that enough, it's nice to not have to fly about and dive to stop my skirt flapping about my ears.

by the time came to actually leave the house though, i was concerned i'd underestimated the grey clouds. the weather report suggested a lot of rain in the afternoon, but i was happy to chance it; sandals were happening. there are only a few weeks a year you get the chance to whip them out, so a little rain after a super sunny day is sometimes par for the course. 

did make the smart decision to take a jacket though, because this adorable print singlet just wasn't cutting the mustard as far as warmth was concerned. i nabbed this for a couple of dollars when i was last in australia, and like, have never worn it. that was three years ago.. maybe more. i'm definitely going to pop it into rotation now though, it's the cutest!

top : big w | skirt c/o george at asda | sandals c/o yumi | jacket : miss selfridge (all old)

pretty similar story with the jacket, to be fair. nabbed this in the mid-year sales back in 2012 when mama was here the first time around, and i hardly ever wear it. it's super cropped and a bit of an odd size; it's an 8 but it's super baggy, so i wonder if it was meant to be oversized and i just never figured that out.. the faint pink rose print in the denim is.to.die.for and now that i've gone super pink again, it's the perfect jacket for me.

that's another new-old favourite for the impending summer; thanks past-me!

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