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4 November 2013

australia // day six // victor harbour

on friday morning we woke to the happy, noisy song of the wild, and also to quite a bit of sun. which was a nice change, as the days earlier in the week had been windy, rainy and altogether not very nice. to wake up to sun was such a treat - not only to warm our bones, but also because it meant we could definitely get out with mum for a small road trip south - to victor harbour!

what i remember being 'about an hour drive' turned into an 'almost two hour drive', which put me out a bit and mostly grumpy when i realised how far we had to drive that day (considering the half hour drive back from the barossa that morning, i just wasn't up for it!) - there and back again. oh well! at least it was sunny!

considering it was the friday before a long weekend, there were quite a number of people out and about. we missed the horse-drawn tram across to granite island, so instead we grabbed some lunch and walked our way across instead. we took one of the walking trails and headed off for the island tour - keeping our eyes peeled for fairy penguins and other local wildlife all the while. (sadly, we didn't find any - the bloke at the chippy said that there'd been a lot of fur seals in the area lately... eating them all up. wah!)

i'd been to victor harbour a number of times as a teenager, when we used to come down at the end of the school year for 'schoolies' -- kinda like spraang breaaaak. it would be a week of drinking, camping and making out with people from other schools. i'd never been into that sort of thing though, and i remember one schoolies in particular (not my year i don't think), when i'd driven to victor straight from work when i was on a late shift (finished at 9pm!), not drank at all because i was only on probational licence, then turned around and drove back for my 8:30am start the next day! i was so 'aaard back then.

in all those trips i'd never actually been over to granite island though, so it was nice to be able to tick another 'new thing' off the list with boyfriend. he really liked it as well - a proper sandy beach was just what we needed.

we strolled along the beach until late afternoon, when we had to get back into the city so mum could get to the netball game she'd bought tickets for. boyfriend and i headed home once we'd dropped her off, and grabbed some dinner in front of the tv and promptly fell asleep around 9pm.

rock and roll life, eh!

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  1. LOVE these picts! Lovely!

    Come by soon!


  2. Beautiful photos. I know what you mean about journeys - anything over an hour and I get particularly fed up!! Sounds like a lovely trip though - I'm pleased the sun came out for it for you!!


    1. i turned out to be a wonderful day, actually! x


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