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21 November 2013

competition // nbn blog spots

when next asked us to share our 'blog spots' with a chance to win some goodies to enhance the area, i just knew i had to get involved because there are a million things i love, but just as many that i'd love to change.

my current blogging spot includes the corner of our brand new sofa, a hundred or so miss-matched cushions, and lately, one extra-thick blanket. it almost always includes a mug of hot (usually getting cold) coffee, and occasionally (always) biscuits. recently it's included my newly-installed picture frame wall, and often, a noisy and smelly boyfriend. so... it's a less than ideal space to clear my head, get creative and write. but you know what? it works for me, for now.

given the chance though -- and the money, ahem, there are definitely one or two things i would love to invest in, to make my space a little more comfy, colourful, and creative...

ok, so i'm renowned for colour schemes. the idea in the lounge is raspberry and lime. i don't know why, it just is. it all started with a set of curtains, and snowballed out of control. we've upcycled picture frames in those colours, aimed to get those colours into the cushion covers, and eventually, will have painted a few pieces of the lounge room furniture in those colours. so, in keeping with the theme, how could i not grab at that amazing woven throw? the colour is divine, and ties in perfectly with everything else.

as if i don't have enough cushions, these kirstie allsop ones are amazing, and i must have them. that's basically how i feel about that stag head lamp, and the pretty silk hydrangeas too. they just each bring a little suttin' spesh to the area, and would brighten up the space without even trying. now, i have one of those jasmin candles already, all thanks to the girls at nex who sent me a wee goody bag when i wasn't able to make the next blogger network event last month due to the storm. let me tell you, it's so lush, that it covers up the stinky boy smell without even being burnt. so, more of those, please.

and, oh -- it's a bit extravagant, i know, but i think that wee window box seat would be a smashing addition to my loung room, and coupled with the cushions and throw, a nice little nook for me to escape to and blog from. i can see it now... me, sunning myself by the window while he stinks up the sofa.

ah, i'm a lucky girl.

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  1. I love all the things you've picked and I love the colour scheme. As for window box seats, I dream if having them in my next house. X

  2. i love the colour scheme, pretty pillows and throws are a must when blogging x

  3. That stag light is so awesome!


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