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20 November 2013

w.i.w.t // wear your name on your neck

necklace :: best name necklace at etsy

bit of an unconventional outfit post, but really wanted to share this little beauty. it is the last of my birthday presents -- yes, my birthday was back in september, but this one was worth waiting more than a month for. (to be honest, it was only ordered when we got back from australia anyway, as the piece of jewellery that boyfriend was going to get me was sold out, and the shop were being really lame about when more would be in stock -- this is a much better buy!).

i had my first best name necklace when i was probably about... 21 and then my second in my mid-twenties. they come in a few different lengths, and i reckon i've now had one in every length. this one is the 14" -- the shortest of the three, and it's perfect. i've found in the past that the chains can stretch a little over time, and get caught in my mouth while i sleep. with the shorter chain, i have no fear that this will sit perfectly on my collarbone -- pride of place, with no damage. i'm not a big jewellery girl, but i do love the iconic name necklace. (especially if it's my name.)
the other brilliant thing is that the chain and pendant are both sterling silver, which means no horrid green marks or itchy skin from silver coated nickel. another of my amazing life allergies is nickel, and it means i do miss out on wearing a ton of pretty things. well, this pretty thing right here was literally made for me, and i never want to take it off!
do you have a piece of jewellery you just never take off?

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  1. My birthday was back in October and my friends gave me to a necklace with my name :) Love it so much!

  2. So cute! I love name necklaces like this!

    Ladyface Blog

    1. aren't they great? so simple but individual x


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