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10 November 2013

to do :: 30 before thirty

yep. i'm a list writer, and as i come into my thirtieth year, i figure i better get a wriggle on and start 'living more'. what better way to kick it off with a lovely big list of things i ought to be doing, what i want to do, and what i have done already (and want to do more of!). so, without further ado, here be my 30 before thirty; i pledge to complete the list by the end of september 2014. i will try and update the list regularly, so you cen keep up with my progress. wish me luck!

1 // flail on a mountain top in salzburg, singing "the hills are aliiiiive!"
2 // try two new restaurants per month // already ticked two newbies off this month alone! go me!
3 // try and see one west end show a month
4 // see more of the united kingdom
5 // finally visit berlin!
6 // go to a proper blogger event
7 // develop seo + social media knowledge
8 // alter vintage dresses sat in my wardrobe foreverrrr
9 // make new sofa cushions from my vintage fabrics
10 // meet more blogger babes!
11 // holiday somewhere sunny... and not in the uk
12 // ride bikes in regents park
13 // find my dream marketing job
14 // spend less time on the sofa...
15 // see n.y.c in the fall <3
16 // master one new recipe a month
17 // bake a decent cake from scratch
18 // read at least one book every month
19 // take a roadtrip with the girls
20 // cook (or help cook) a full christmas dinner for my friends
21 // visit a new part of london every weekend
22 // go to more gigs!
23 // do an e-course in... something
24 // find a new hobby (outside of blogging)
25 // eat more fruit + veg
26 // do more for charity // currently helping with handpicked london's winter coat drive by holding an office drive, and signed onto office csr committee to help run charity events at work!
27 // listen to more new music // does the new mcfly and one direction albums count? good. then, tick!
28 // visit copenhagen // trip planned for early december!
29 // invest in a new digital camera and laptop for serious blogging!
30 // master the art of rhubarb crumble from scratch

i love how i've ended the list with pie. i mean, seriously. and not one mention of cheesecake? i've changed! but at least there's cake, amiright? now tell me; have i missed anything important?

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  1. So glad you managed to book Copenhagen, it's a fantastic city and one of my fave places in the world Hope you have a brilliant time, and good luck with the rest of your list! :))


    1. thanks hun! really looking forward to denmark, i've heard such lovely things! x

  2. These lists never cease to inspire me! Would definitely recommend Berlin, it's a wonderful city in either winter or summer :)

    1. oh, you're definitely not the first person to encourage the berlin trip! x

  3. Your number 1 is basically my whole life goal.

    1. right? how DO you solve a problem like maria? just, how.. x

  4. Good luck with your list, enjoy Copenhagen, it's an amazing city, hope we get to see pics. x


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