in the kitchen with joules

if you follow me on instagram (and if not, why not?) you will have seen these pics already, because basically i have no patience and wanted to share the adorableness of the things. when joules asked if i'd like something to feature from their a/w range, i really should have picked something smart like a coat. or welly boots. or something warm, at the very least. but look how cute their new kitchen range iiiiiissssss...!

my favourites are the badger and and the fox, which is handy because boyfriend has already claimed the hare and the pheasant (pink for girls, blue for boys, duh). the day these arrived i was so excited to get them home and bake loads of treats to serve on them, but then... i remembered the self-imposed diet i've had to put myself on since the return from australia, because of all of the cheesecakes and shortcakes and tea cakes, oh my! so instead, they've seen such glory as the famed chili chicken soup and heart tikka masala - as well as the odd breakfast biscuit, et al...

part of the reason i adore these bone china side plates so much is that they perfectly compliment every other facet of my current kitchen wares. my pretty floral cutlery, my pretty floral crockery, and my pretty floral cups and saucers all go perfectly alongside these joules country critters - which is exactly why i did not choose the pretty floral sideplates also on offer in their new range -- i know you can never have too much of a good thing, but really, my cath kidson collection needs no competition.

i now have my eyes on the matching mugs and egg cup set -- which is your fave piece in the range?