the weekend edition :: rain rain go away

euuurrrgh! will this rain ever end? on saturday i was up early (for me), dressed and ready to head off to meet my pal the cafe cat for tea and chats, when the storm decided to kick in. within five minutes we'd gone from grey overhead to thunder and lightening, with sheets of sideways rain and hailstones. it was dire! with the safe decision made to catch up during the week instead (tube strikes willing)(maybe we'll have a coffee over skype?), i was now plan-less. we were also out of milk, but i couldn't face the rain. boyfriend manned up and went out while i made cheese and ham toasties and boiled the kettle for his return.

when he came back, he was drenched. (and he also knew what i did last summer.) he regaled me with stories of the carnage that was the broken and discarded umbrellas on the street, the shoppers forced to take cover in doorways as the hail came in, and the street sweepers who combined forced and hid behind their standard issue "lewisham city council" work carts.

sounded like fun. how has your weekend been?