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19 February 2014

w.i.w.t // stripes and scallops

cardigan :: primark // necklace c/o oasap // skirt :: debenhams // bag :: asos // shoes :: new look

aint this just an adorable outfit? yeah, i agree. it was what i was going to wear to dinner with donna and her beau on saturday night, but as you may have heard, there were some slight travel disruptions due to some adverse weather conditions. so instead, i get to wear this to work instead... huzzah!

boyfriend heard my pleas and bought me this bag for valentine's day. it's exactly the same colour as my cambridge satchel, but it's waterproof which means i can totally use it in this ridiculous weather. i am smitten with the sweet scallops and satchel-look of it. it's definitely my new favourite child; bringing her home was like introducing a new baby to the mix (as some of you may have seen on instagram the other night)(sorry).

i'm a massive fluffy jumper fan; this ice blue cardigan was a bargain at £3 in the primark sale about a hundred years before the fad caught on with the world, and in the pastel colour will totally carry me through spring too - the best three pound ever spent, i'd say?

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  1. LOVE the cardigan! The skirt is super cute too. I completely understand the fixation with the new bag, its really nice! I never used to care much about bags. Back when my wardrobe was duller and I didn't have the confidence to make bolder clothing choices, my bags were always just functional black things. Now I take great joy in handbag shopping and love having different options for different outfits. So much more fun than just one black bag! :)

    Amber Jade
    Fairytales and Following Trails

  2. The jumper is gorgeous, I love the fluffy ones as well, I wish all my tops were like that sometimes :) A bargain as well. I need to go into mine soon. Such a pretty outfit, gorgeous x

  3. Hi Erica, yeah that is an adorable outfit! I love skirt.


  4. Wahhhh! Our satchels could have become best friends! Darn weather! xx

  5. What an adorable outfit! And that scalloped bag is amazing! I've yet to find one that can fit a book and my wallet... but the day I do... I won't be able to resist.


  6. So cute! Love that necklace (although, as you know, pink is not my colour) x


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