w.i.w.t :: oh hey, another pink one.

jumper :: topshop via ebay // dress :: forever 21 // tights + shoes :: primark // necklace c/o oasap

saturday started off so beautiful, didn't it? well, it certainly was sunny while i was busy decorating my room, while i was busy hanging pictures, while i was busy spring cleaning, and definitely while i was busy showering and getting dressed. it was even still sunny as we walked down to the grocery store, and probably even still while we did our weekly shop. you wanna know when it stopped being sunny? the second we left the store, and began our medium-length walk home, sans umbrella, and plus three extremely heavy bags of crap.

these shoes, were totally unacceptable for that particular walk.
at least i looked friggen cute.

except this jumper is too big, i had to pin it at the back, and it's totally unflattering. *shrug*