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31 January 2015

snapshots | lancaster, the lake district

on our last day in the lake district, we woke to below-freezing temperatures. it was the coldest day we'd had that whole week, and as we went to drive off back to lancaster to drop off the car, we struggled. the car was completely frozen, and we had no idea what to do. i for one have never driven a car in those sorts of conditions, and although seeing all the frozen things glistening in the sunlight was pretty and awesome and fun, sitting in a freezing cold car, begging for the heater to melt so i could actually - you know, see out of the windows, was not.

thankfully we had some help from the old man who'd come to collect our keys on check out, and with a few sprays from his can of ice-be-gone and a bit of elbow grease and a window squeegee, we were set free from our icy despair! we turned the heat up high, and were on our way - bound for lancaster for our last few hours in the lakes.

we started at williamson park where we wandered around the ashton memorial and watched the puppies play in the park, before dropping the car back into the city. we warmed our fingers in a local costa, wondering what on earth we were going to do with ourselves for the remaining three hours in the freezing, freezing cold. even the shopping mall was outdoors, and.. cold.

so we headed outside. sensible, huh? we walked up to lancaster castle and tried to join the tour - until we realised we didn't have tickets and yet we totally needed tickets to be on the tour. we soon thereafter left the castle and had a wee wander around some of the indoor shops, grabbed some snacks for the train, and made our way to the station - albeit an hour or so early, just because... what else was there to do. jokes, it was just bloody cold and we had seen just about all of the castles and tudor pubs and adorable villages we could ever need to see again, and were looking forward to the smog and rudeness of london. were we though? 

it was the most incredible trip i've ever had. if you get a chance, go.
you won't regret it, i swear.

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