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27 January 2015

shake up your wake up

"new year, new me" eh. although i didn't make any real resolutions this year, and instead just set myself some 'new ways of thinking', i have been thinking more and more about better ways of living, because this getting old crap is really starting to bug me - noticeably. beyond the getting tired earlier lark, the fact i just about never have patience for this generation's abuse of the english language (what even does 'on fleek' even mean?), and double checking the last train times when i am heading out for the night, i'm starting to pay attention to other, more physical changes. no, i'm not talking about the wrinkles starting to creep up around my eyes and mouth, i'm talking about my appetite.

i used to be a coffee-only girl; something venti-sized would get me through until 11, then something grande sized would keep me going until lunch. lunch would be something full of carbs, which would satisfy until an hour later when popcorn would be employed to fill the gap until a delicious, veggie-filled stir fry would tide me over until my venti the following morning. lately though, i've noticed a shift in my morning routine, and the hanger pangs are starting to come on earlier and earlier.

at first i combated this with a tasty (sarcasm, because not) banana when the first coffee wore off, occasionally even throwing some belvita breakfast biscuits into the mix circa midday when 1pm seemed all too-far off, but in the last couple of weeks i've really noticed these quick fixes just don't really work anymore. i know everyone goes on about breakfast being the more important meal of the day, and i am starting to understand why. on the days where i have both banana and biscuit early on, i definitely am able to stay focused longer than the days i don't, and so i think a breakfast revolution is in order.

lucky for me, myvouchercodes.co.uk have created a fun little infographic that shows nine different types of breakfasts enjoyed around the capital, and also the recipe to recreate each of the dishes. i'm certainly not saying these are work-appropriate meals, but it certainly gives a bit of perspective on what other people's mornings look like, and definitely put my coffee/banana/biscuit routine to shame.

what does your morning meal routine look like? is it as underdeveloped as mine, or could you feature on this interactive map yourself? any breakky tips will be wildly appreciated!

*image received from myvouchercodes, all breakfast revelations are my own*

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