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6 January 2015

w.i.w.t | new year, new dress (size)

ok, so last year i lost some weight thanks to a few fun factors; the break up diet kicked things off, then some anxiety-induced trouble had me barely peckish mid-year, then there was all that nonsense with the space food that kept me dehydrated for about a month before i saw sense. well, i was a busy girl, the last few months too, which has kind of aided the weight loss somewhat, but either way, nothing bloody fits me anymore.

it's been a matter of having "nothing to wear" for a while, but i guess, in accuracy, i've had "nothing to wear that fits" since at least the summer. all my winter stuff from last year is unflatteringly loose, and there's only so much a belt can do - it's a fine line between 'loose' and 'frumpy'. sadly, it's a case of having to replace a lot of cute things with other cute things. sounds fun, eh? sounds expensive.

so, when asos recently had their stupidly excellently discounted sale which boasted a crazy 70% off sale, well... i was in. and, i took a chance on a couple of new (and cheap!) dresses in a size down, and what do you know, the gamble totally paid off. well, except that my boobs are still the size they've always been, which means the new, adorable, sweetheart necklines are a little bustier than i would deem totally necessary, but... picking my battles.

dress : asos | cardigan : select | shoes + tights : primark

it's nice to finally be able to see my narrow waist without the help of a slinky belt, and even nicer to have something flattering on my body. this particularly pretty floral number was a ridiculous £11 down from £28, and i picked up a couple of others for a similar kind of price - even a black one - and even one that came in too big in a size 10. so, happy days. at least i know i can safely buy a size down and not fear of the pulling and too-tight look i was quite keen to avoid.

sadly, the same can not be said for knitwear. having always bought a size down in jumpers (they swamp me in a regular size because of the... girls), i took a chance on this snow white fluffy cardi i picked up in the pre-christmas sales in haste. did not try it on, but in a 10 i was satisfied it would fit my shoulders and i could 'make it fit' where it needed to, if it did come up a little snug. well. in all honesty, i could probably have done with a size 6 in this thing; the arms are incredibly long, the shoulders bag off my own, and there's zero flattering things about it. which is a shame, because i'd imagined wearing it a lot this winter, it was going to be my new favourite companion on those chilly mornings, because lord knows we're all a bit sick and tired of seeing me in a fluffy jumper, right?

i tried to take it back to exchange the size after the holidays, but without my receipt, there was "absolutely nothing" the silly tart behind the counter could do. despite the sales tag still being attached, and the item still being in stock, on sale, for the same amount as when i'd bought it. so, that was helpful. and now i have a giant, oversized cardi that positively swamps me and my new size 10 dress. oh, joy!

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