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1 January 2015

wishlist | christmas sale picks

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i had not been in or near a sale since before christmas Until yesterday. i received all the sale emails like you all did, circa 4pm christmas day, but since then i have been actively avoiding opening any of them. mostly because i was away on holiday, and i hate shopping on my phone; i've been waiting in anticipation to be back behind my computer before i did all the recon needed to give my bank account the bashing it really deserves.

here is a selection of the lovely, half priced things that had been short listed to join my already bursting wardrobe, when i finally got my ass down to the mall om wednesday. sure, i could have just added them all to a virtual, online shopping bag, but i kind of resent postal charges, and i also... am a sensual shopper. not... like that, i mean, i like to touch the things and try them on. i've had too many bad experiences with online shopping, and there's something kind of thrilling about finding a bargain in store, am i right?

well. i lucked out; i found none of the things in store on my jaunt out into the world, as i suspected i wouldn't. now, i'm going to have to give in to postal fees and taking a chance on sizes. boo hiss and bah humbug! do you remember when shopping used to be fun? i miss those days.

how did the sales treat you this year?

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