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13 January 2015

w.i.w.t | ain't she a beauty!

dress* + boots*: asos | lips : rimmel apocolips - apocoliptic

this wee number was nabbed recently in the after-christmas sales (before the gimme10 discount, natch, grr), and when it arrived, i was unsure. it's mostly green, and i'm not a green girl at all, and it's also a swing dress - a totally unflattering shape on me... usually. but, when i wore this to work last thursday, i barely made it out of the lift before the compliments started flying. is there any better way to start your day that with cries of "great dress" being thrown at you before your coffee has even kicked in? the answer, my friends, is no.

by lunch, this dress had firmly guaranteed its spot at the top of my favourites list, and shall now be introduced into regular bi-weekly rotation. yes. i rotate my outfits bi-weekly. don't you?

in other news, i am so in love with the colour of my hair in this last picture. after i bleached my tips with the plan to go pink but sadly turning it some awful copper colour, i dyed over it a light brown colour a few weeks back, and now it's faded now into, well... that very same copperish colour that it started out as. but in the light it's so damn pretty! i wish i could replicate this exact shade all over my head. 

someone, make this happen for me?

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