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16 November 2015

some happy things

it's been another low-profile week 'round these parts, thanks to a slow-burning head-cold and an inherently-empty bank account, so keeping my spirits up has been hard. thankfully, it's never something i have to tackle alone; despite my cries of needing an early night, wanting to cancel plans, or to try and feel sorry for myself, my friends have been there with their un-wavering ridicule, banter, and well, love and support, to keep a smile on my face. by:

porno podcast: on monday i helped jamie film a series of goodbye videos for his colleagues in the agency he finished up at, and while they were rendering he was telling me about this podcast he'd been listening to called "my dad wrote a porno". alice levine is one of the weekly guest, and i really like her, so i got him to figure out how to add it to my phone and download it. cue me in hysterics on the way home that night, and every morning of last week. a new episode every monday, so i can't wait for this week's instalment... it's too funny!

treats from home: mega babe and twinkly friend lucy was in australia a couple of weeks ago - having a ball, and this week i received a little something special in the post from her: salted caramel tim tams! the team at work were all very excited to try the renowned australian biscuit, especially now with the seasonal twist. thanks lu! delicious!

taco time: on wednesday, little shaun, gemma and i met up with missy sparkle boo for a taco-type of catch up. she was down from glasgow for a few days, and while in london she wanted to try some 'local' fare. after the weekend i'd had, the only place i had on my mind was wahaca. as it turned out, it had been on hers too, and despite her having it for dinner the night before, she still met us for lunch there the next day. arrrrriba! viva la tacos!

the last supper: carmen's gone to australia for the best part of a month, and before she headed off, i got in some quality time to wish her luck, safe travels, and put my order for home town snacks in before she did. we had dinner (bitch ~bought me dinner; she knows how to treat a lady) at pizza union in king's cross after i have heard nothing but rave reviews about the size vs. price of the pizzas, and this was ~after an incredibly big lunch too. good thing i know how to eat! amazing 12" margherita pizza with pepperonis for a measly £4..? #bargain

the quarter-life crisis cabaret: on thursday night i met up with my bangarang baes and headed over to 'the alley cat' on denmark street to watch madam brennan take on the world in the second of two sold out shows in: twenty something - the quarter-life crisis cabaret. her one-woman show had been sold out for weeks, and there was so much interest that she had to add a second show. a second show! watching her on that stage, singing her pipes out, being her usual brave, hilarious, fabulous self made me so goddamn proud of her and all her accomplishments. she had the room ~hooked on her every word. every anecdote, every song resonated with the twenty (plus) something crowd, and by the end of the set there was not a dry eye in the room. well done babe, i am so goddamn proud of you.

secret santa: laughing from hysteria and delirium counts, right? somehow i ended up unpacking, checking off, and re-wrapping over 300 christmas presents thanks to a genius campaign idea at work to involve 40 bloggers in a secret santa swap. good thing i used to work in retail, eh? those inventory skills i never thought i'd need came in handy once again.  after almost-two solid days of this, i was in hysterics... but at least i was laughing, no?

the root solution: my roots are outrageous at the moment, and i can't really afford to go back to the salon to get them fixed. i took to the internet to ask for some advice, and i was sent a bunch of helpful tips, no more helpful that the glitter root tip in between salon trips. uhmmm, how i have not thought about this before? i remember being able to buy glitter gel as a kid, so i wonder if this is something still readily available now; i don't want to use dry glitter in case it makes me itchy and gives me dandruff, but i think a gel might also make my roots really greasy. worth a try, even just once, to see if i can pull it off - don't you think?

the attenborough effect: is there anything more relaxing when you're feeling a bit run down? it's rare i find myself rooting for a predator either, but in attenborough's newest show 'the hunt', i was definitely supporting one skinny-ass polar bear when it came to it's summer supper. damn those slippery seals though! i got into this thanks to gogglebox - where i get all my tv recs from these days. lol. i wish that was a lie.

so that's that. still a bit head-coldy, but have today off, so that's nice. how was your week?

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